Small business...big personality

Consider your brand your business' personality. Investing in developing a clear and distinct brand with both digital and print design will enable your company to transcend the traditional limitations of small business marketing. We would love to work with you to establish a modern face for your business, including powerful and consistent messaging to convey your unique value to your customers and clients.

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What is branding...and why is important for businesses of all sizes?

Why did you start your business? What was it that drove you to decide, I need to provide this service to people in a better way than others? What is the value of your company? And, most important, who are your customers? These questions define the face and model of all businesses, large and small. Every time someone goes to make a purchase, there is usually a specific reason they choose a certain company over another. The key to establishing a memorable business, which successfully communicates your promise and value to customers, is building a set of values which directs your customer interactions, service promise and delivery, and company positioning.

​Benefits of branding:

  • Customer recognition

  • Enhanced credibility

  • Stand out in the crowded market

  • Customer loyalty and shared values

  • Clarity in your strategy and vision

You already have all the pieces - our job is to help you put them together.

How we will help you establish your brand identity

What do you need to start a business? The answer 20 years ago may have been "robust business plan". While this is still absolutely true, creating a brand plan is now a necessary partner to your business plan. This phenomenon can be frustrating to accept if you established your company before brand became the new priority. That's where we come in!

​How will Optima help?

  • Develop a branding and marketing strategy

  • Redesign or polish up your company logo and other business imagery

  • Identify or refresh your brand language: mission, values. vision

  • Incorporate branding elements across all marketing

  • Communicate your unique business value

Our approach at Optima

How do you communicate who you are and the mission of your business? Our 3-tiered branding approach is simple:

Define Your Identity  |  Establish Your Value  |  Communicate Your Promise

Ready to build your personal branding package?

Have other ideas for how to build your brand? We'll work with you to make sure we incorporate the

most optimal digital and print elements for your unique business needs.