We'll guide you through a new era of marketing

Marketing has drastically evolved over the past 50, and even 15, years. While sending out direct mail, posting in the local paper and bright colored print with dramatic catch phrases used to be the norm, the digital era has changed the marketing landscape. The new rules and trends are ever-changing, resulting in needing to devote too much time keep up. We know that small businesses don't have time to keep up with managing ongoing email campaigns, multiple social media pages and modern, digital designs. That's where we come in!

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Email Marketing

At the very least, you should include email marketing in your strategy. Email marketing produces up to 4,400% in return on investment (ROI) - that's up to  $44 for every $1 spent.  Our team can help you strategize your email marketing and design beautiful, custom email templates to align with your branding, messaging and mission! Most importantly, we'll help you  set up a manageable plan  so you can automate your process and start increasing your ROI (without spending your valuable time trying to figure out the email platform).

​How we'll help:




We'll fully manage your email marketing, from annual campaign planning to creating and scheduling each email.

We'll design custom email templates based on your business brand, colors and messaging.

We'll build an annual strategy that includes a campaign calendar, ROI tracking and annual goals.

Social Media Marketing

Many small business owners cringe when they hear "social media marketing." Let's face it - it's a big commitment! On top of that, small business owners are so busy running their business, they don't have time to create 4 posts per week for each platform, nor keep up with the constantly changing trends. Social media marketing IS worth the investment, but you shouldn't have to use your own valuable time on the nitty gritty of this complex tactic. Let us take it off your hands!

​How we'll help:




We'll fully manage your social media marketing, including account set-up to post creation and scheduling.

Leave the research to us! We'll ensure your strategy aligns with current best practices, and adjust as needed.

We'll connect with your key groups through your social channels, so you can stay in touch with your community.

Paid Digital Advertising

Have you ever sent out a mailer or flyer? Did it feel like you were blindly reaching out to people in your community who may or may not care about your business? Paid digital advertising is the modern SOLUTION to  making sure you don't waste your money in advertising  your business. In today's online world, you can control exactly how your ad dollars are spent. This means, if your company serves families, or only men, or only people older than 30, your money will not be spent on anyone outside of your target customers. We'll take you through the different options for digital advertising, and build a simple plan to make sure your investment is appropriately allocated. It's kind of like, paying the mailman to deliver your flyer only to people who will take the time to read it.

​How we'll help:




Digital advertising can be overwhelming. We'll optimize your online ad strategy around your ROI goals.

We'll present an analysis of each ad campaign to determine areas for

adjustment and improvement.

We'll continue adapting your digital ad strategy based on each analysis, and your organizational goals.

Benefits of digital marketing

Marketing is an investment, and you need

to know your investment will be worth it.

Here are just some of the benefits:

​Benefits of email marketing:

  • Most effective marketing strategy when it comes to ROI

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Reliable form of communication

  • Look professional and polished

  • Strengthen relationships with current & potential customers

  • Learn about your customer habits & behaviors

  • Connect with customers & potential customers who don't have social media


​Benefits of social media marketing:

  • Network with your community

  • Show the personal, "human" side of your business

  • Boost your SEO ranking

  • Stay relevant and build social proof (it is proven that people are more likely to use your product/services if they see others using them)

  • More accessible - many of your customers browse social media throughout the day


​Benefits of paid digital advertising:

  • Personalize your advertising and outreach

  • The results are measurable, so you can adjust as needed

  • Your money is spent only on potential customers, not the general public

  • You have control over how your money is spent, who sees your ads, and which online channels you use


Ready to build your digital marketing strategy?

Marketing your business the way you want to, enables us to be successful in our collaborative strategy. We'll work with you to make sure we incorporate the most optimal digital and print elements for your unique business needs.