Pumpkin spice marks the NEW first day of fall

When Instagram swooped in and glorified the basic bitch persona, we saw a renewed energy right at the end of every August, marked by the warm, cinnamony essence of pumpkin spice. Featured in the hands of chic-vested 20-somethings with knitted beanies and whatever boot is trending that year, the pumpkin spice latte has very nearly set the new commencement of autumn. Born and raised in New England, this evolving phenomenon has been extremely prevalent in the way I engage on social media. Simply put, do you really even know it’s fall if you haven’t already posted something about pumpkin coffee?

What does this have to do with marketing?

Consider this: By October 1st, 2019, Starbucks became the top investor on pumpkin spice themed advertising. Barely 8 days beyond the fall equinox coffee companies were vying for the consumer/fan base. While coffee shops have no particular relation to the season changes, they have managed to LEVERAGE DIGITAL MARKETING to establish an inherent association between autumn and seasonal drunks, as equally compelling as pine-scented products and the holidays.

What do you need to know about this as it relates to YOUR marketing strategy? With everyone excited to chat about the seasons, it makes it easy to think of content for your marketing material.

Below are 3 ways YOU can entice with pumpkin spice, and grab the attention of your consumers as fall campaigns RAMP UP:

  1. Everyone’s talking about fall...join the conversation! Get on the autumn train and work the season into your marketing. Add fall colors to your emails and social media posts and create a cozy atmosphere with your incoming marketing.

  2. Engage your audience in celebrating the season! Set up a fall photo contest and challenge your followers to post their best fall-themed pics on your Facebook page (cutest autumn outfits, tastiest fall treat, creative pumpkin carvings). More action on your posts will help increase exposure to your potential customers, and when you throw in a monetary prize for the winner, you can make an easy lead conversion!

  3. If you own a product-based business, promote sales on anything fall-related! Make sure your audience is familiar with your best products right in time to start promoting your Black Friday sales in just a few weeks.

Looking for a step-by-step guide on creating a fall email campaign? Check out this how-to by wishpond, including email layout to call-to-action tips!

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