The 90s are over...and so is telemarketing

When was the last time your family dinner was interrupted by the shrill ringing of your new Vodafone landline? Gone are the days when you’d get ten unscreened calls a day from local businesses asking for the head of the house to pitch the standard script promoting their newest product. Today’s marketing methods celebrate independence through targeted inbound and outbound interactions.

Simply put, blind outreach does not work anymore.

But why not? What has changed?

OUTBOUND MARKETING blasts a singular message to a wide range of customers, most of whom have different needs and circumstances. A standard telemarketing script with one story line only speaks to a limited audience. Another reason traditional outbound marketing falls short of modern needs is the rapid rate of constant change for data. According to LinkedIn, “20% of your contacts will become obsolete every year”. New phone numbers, new emails and constantly changing personal situations in today’s virtual world cause obstacles for small businesses.

Our current unprecedented circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic are a prime example of how the story line needs to change per year, per quarter, per customer.

That’s not to say that outbound marketing doesn’t work for small businesses. In fact, this kind of outreach is still wildly effective even with small businesses, if done right and in cooperation with inbound marketing strategies. Our biggest focus at Optima is giving the time back to small business folks, who simply don’t have time to sit around and work down a purchased list of 1,000 local cell phone numbers.

So, what methods eventually outperformed telemarketing in modern marketing? And what works best for YOUR business scale? Here are 3 outbound best practices for small business outreach to potential customers:

  1. Social media advertising

  2. Search engine advertising

  3. Email marketing

We’ll take a deeper dive into outbound versus inbound marketing in our NEXT blog post! Stay tuned and keep checking our social media pages for new blog alerts!

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